Association française de droit de l'énergie


Who is AFDEN ?

AFDEN stands for Association Française de Droit de l'Energie ie French Association for Energy Law. AFDEN is a French non for profit association created in 2008 and gathering individuals who specialize in Energy law, from students to academics, in-house counsels, lawyers, judges, regulators, members of government agencies, etc.

AFDEN aims at fostering the knowledge of Energy law through a number of activities such as conferences and workshops. AFDEN is also a forum where energy law professionals can meet and get to know each others.

AFDEN is an independent association, not for profit and does not carry any industrial, commercial or technical activities. AFDEN is financed through the fees of its members and contributions from companies, law firms and universities in the framework of a partnership agreement that guarantees the absolute independence of the association towards its fund providers.

AFDEN is a founding member of the European Federation of Energy Law Associations.

Dernière modification : 29/11/2017